Special Purpose Vehicle

8-16 ton non-rib series compression garbage truck

Features & Benefits

The compartment is made of high strength steel plate, non-rib optimized structure: loading capacity increased, fashion appearance;
Independent innovation linked locking mechanism. The compression garbage truck is provided with the hydraulic system and linked locking mechanism with safety protection so that the trash body and double-layer sealing strip of the filler can be able to reliably work, to ensure all kinds of household garbage are in closed states;The electric - gas - liquid joint control is used for the control system;Electrical system will use the imported PLC (programmable logic controller) integrated control, and use the logic circuits to ensure that all operating instructions are executed sequentially, reducing the failure rate, avoiding accidents caused by misoperation, and improving the reliability;The emergency brake button is set, so that the garbage filler device can stop at any place in any state, to protect the safety of operating personnel and equipment;With automatic and manual mode of operation, installing in the cab and truck rear, respectively, very simple use and operation.

Techincal Specifications

Items   Unit 8t
Truck model    NZ5160ZYSK(China Ⅲ) NZ5160ZYSL(China Ⅲ) NZ5160ZYSM(China Ⅲ)
Chassis model    DFL1160BX2 LZ3160LAKT HFC1166KR1T
Chassis manufacturer    DongFengAutomobile Co., Ltd LZ JAC
Overall dimensions           mm 8650×2500×3240 8665×2500×3320 8755×2500×3230
Weight kg 16000 15995 15950
Curb weight kg 10940 11100 10990
Rated load kg 4865 4700 4765
Container's capacity m3 13.5 13.5 13.5
Stuffing device capacity m3 2 2 2
Compression Equipment Cyclingtime s ≤40 ≤40 ≤40

Items   Unit 16t
Truck model    NZ5258ZYS(China Ⅲ) NZ5259ZYS(China Ⅲ) NZ5250ZYSC(China Ⅲ)
Chassis model    DFL1250A8 LZ1250PDKT HFC3253KP1K3
Chassis manufacturer    DongFengAutomobile    Co., Ltd. LZ JAC
Overall dimensions           mm 10080×2500×3640 10400×2500×3590 10400×2500×3650
Weight kg 25000 2500 2500
Curb weight kg 15910 14430 15850
Rated load kg 8895 10375 8920
Container's capacity m3 22.5 22.5 22.5
Stuffing device capacity m3 2 2 2
Compression Equipment Cyclingtime s ≤40 ≤40 ≤40
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