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Founded in 1951, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Group for short) is headquartered in Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is a company in investment and financing management, centered on capital operation and asset management. As a large-scale state-owned business conglomerate, it has more than 30 wholly-owned, holding, or joint-stock subsidiaries, with total assets of 40.5 billion yuan and nearly 20,000 employees. Yuchai Group is an internal combustion engine manufacturing base with a complete range of products in China, and makes layouts in Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing and Liaoning, etc.

Yuchai Group ranks among the top 500 Chinese enterprises and the top 500 Chinese manufacturing companies, 10th among the top 100 Chinese machinery manufacturers, and 102nd among the 500 most valuable brands in China, with a brand value exceeding RMB 50.5 billion. As a national demonstration base for corporate culture construction, it has won such honors as "Autonomous Region Chairman Quality Award" and "Nomination for China Quality Award", publishing the sustainable development report for 12consecutive years.

Guided by the business philosophy of "green development harmony win-win", Yuchai proceeds with its collectivized operation with the "strategy and investment management center, operation management center, financial monitoring center, human resources center, and audit monitoring center". During the period of the 12th five-year plan, its annual business scale has exceeded RMB 40 billion thanks to the advantage of diversified industries. The annual sales volume of the engines ranks top in the industry.

With system innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, it has in the meantime realized introduction of technology and talents from over the world with greater efforts, cultivation of core competitiveness, input of social capital, investment in new projects, and building of three core strategic industry sectors – "engine manufacturing and industry chain", "new energy vehicles and automotive services sector” and “logistics industry chain”, thus achieving continuous, stable, sound and efficient development, and building itself into a world-class enterprise.

Yuchai Group has promoted the development of the engine industry chain and the new energy industry chain and directed at that of key components of the engine and new energy, forming an industrial base that integrates the internal combustion engine industry, new energy vehicle industry, key supporting parts industry, terminal equipment manufacturing industry, and commerce & trade, finance and logistics industries, in efforts to create an industrial cluster valued at over 100 billion yuan where it exerts a leading role to drive forward the high-quality development of the machinery industry.

Engine industry chain: It has placed emphasis on the production of engines and vigorously linked the upstream and downstream industries, to create an integrated equipment manufacturing system of "parts, complete machines and terminals" and a gold industry chain. By making its subsidiaries (e.g., Guangxi Watyuan Filtration System Co., Ltd., Yuchai Advanced Lubricating Oil Stock Co., Limited, Yulin Chengxin Machinery Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Jinchuang Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) play a leading role, Yuchai Group mainly focuses on business development of filters, lubricating oil, connecting rods and other products. Meanwhile, it promotes constant extension of current products towards high value-added emerging products, such as aftertreatment system, electronically controlled common rail and other key parts and electrical component systems. Giving full play to the role of its subsidiaries including Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd., Yuchai Power, CRRC Yuchai and Yuchai Marine Power, it manufactures practical, dedicated and quality engines for vehicles, agricultural equipment, engineering machinery, ships, power generation, locomotives and for military use. Also, it accelerates the expansion of new energy power system and the integration of power system, making full use of intelligent production to make a transformation from a manufacturing enterprise to a service-oriented manufacturing enterprises. Relying on Guangxi Yuchai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., Yuchai Dongte Special Purpose Automobile Co.,Ltd., Guangxi Yuchai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries, Yuchai has been accelerating the development of high-tech, high value-added and environmentally friendly special vehicles, sanitary equipment, engineering machinery and equipment, strengthening the terminal industry.

New energy vehicle and automobile service industry: With the help of YC New Energy Auto Co., Ltd., Yuchai Special Vehicle and Yuchai Dongte, Yuchai Group focuses on the business of new energy vehicles and fuel cells, and builds the new energy and environmental protection industry chain by taking pure electric commercial vehicle, urban logistics vehicle and special vehicle for sanitation as a breakthrough point. Meanwhile, it actively develops and produces "three power-related systems" (power drive, battery and power control), making great efforts to develop core components and parts of new energy vehicles, including new energy power system, electrical accessories and fuel cell. By virtue of the vehicle manufacturing platform, it expands the product category and scale of new energy vehicles, with models covering new energy police vehicles, escort vehicles, monitoring vehicles, fire trucks, rescue vehicles, vans and sanitation vehicles. Depending on YC New Energy, it invests heavily in construction and specialized operation and management of clean-energy power generation projects, with layouts in photovoltaic power station, quick charging pile and battery swap stations. On top of that, guided by the service for new-energy automobile industry chain, it has established Guangxi Yuchai Finance Lease Co., Ltd. and expanded financing channels and platforms, so as to consolidate and expand finance lease, automobile trade and after-sales service.

Logistics industry chain: Relying on Guangxi Yuchai Logistics Co., Ltd., it builds logistics, warehousing, distribution and wharf business, developing supply chain finance and logistics industrial park, and creating logistics industry chains.

Yuchai is striving to create values for its customers by continuous technological innovation. It has already set up three research and development bases in Yulin, Nanning, and Europe and enjoys the state-level enterprise technology centers, state-approved laboratories, postdoctoral research stations, academician and expert workstations, national engineering Laboratories of internal combustion engines, etc. It is also in cooperation with over 40 domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and has established internationally-leading scientific research bases. In the field of engine research, Yuchai also introduces the engines meeting Euro IV, Euro V, and Euro VI vehicle emissions standards before the counterparts, leading the green revolution in the engine industry and providing green power and green machines with high cost performance to its users. The group has more than 5,300 authorized patents, and filled the gap in China with several technical achievements. Its projects such as the "key technologies and industrialization of energy-saving and environmentally friendly diesel engines" wonthe National Science Progress Award at the second place for six times.

It has the largest and most advanced casting center in Asia, the most efficient machining and assembling line in the industry, and Yuchai Rapid Manufacturing Base, a state key laboratory for advanced forming technology and equipment. Its project "digital casting workshop for large and medium-sized engine blocks" ran for the national intelligent manufacturing award in 2015, and "key technology and equipment for moldless forming and manufacturing of complicated casting" won the special prize of 2016 Science and Technology Award for Machinery Industry in China.

Yuchai has established a marketing management system integrating product sales, application development, after-sales service, and parts & components monopoly and owns the marketing service network with the largest size, the most service stations, the minimum service radius, the maximum mileage warranty and the shortest response time in its industry. The group has also set up 28 offices at home, 12 offices at abroad, 12 management departments for construction and agricultural machinery engines and 12 areas for marine and G-drive engines in China, 182 overseas service agents, over 3000 service stations, and 5000 spare parts outlets, providing "fast" and "dedicated" services for users from home and abroad.

In the future, Yuchai will continue to deepen the joint venture cooperation at home and abroad, optimize the industrial structure, promote the enterprise to develop in a safe, healthy, and sustainable way, enhance the core competitiveness, complete the global distribution and thus realize the vision of "Customer Trust Brand, World Class Enterprise".

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