Special Purpose Vehicle

Sewer flushing vehicle

Features & Benefits

Series of cleaning truck works with high pressure and low flow water. It owns characteristics of strong decontamination, high efficiency and water saving. It's often used to clean roads, road edges, sidewalks, fences, isolated area, signposts, ad boards, and viaducts etc.. With spraying function, it's able to keep down dust and adjust the air humidity. The high pressure pump, nozzle, spraying gun, and key hydraulic and electric components adopted are imported and of famous brands. These parts have a good performance reliably and controlled by hydraulic power, that make convenient for operators. So this cleaning truck works efficiently, is ideal environmental sanitary equipment for road administration departments and environmental sanitary departments.

Techincal Specifications

Items Unit Main Specifications
Truck model    NZ5160GQX
(China Ⅲ)
(China Ⅳ)


(China Ⅳ)

(China Ⅲ)
Chassis model    DFL1160BX2 DFL1160BX4 LZ1161RAPAT LZ1250PDKT
Overall dimensions           mm 8970X2480X2860 8970X2480X2860 8995×2470×3020 10690X2500X3120
Weight kg 16000 16000 16000 16000
Curb Weight kg 8300 8303 8440 11540
Rated load kg 7505 7502 7365 13265
Container capacity 8 8 8 15
Chassis manufacturer   Dong feng Automobile Co.,Ltd. Dong feng Liuzhou Motor Co.,Ltd.
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